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"Understanding Melanin"

Melanin is the biochemical substance that drives physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. Melanin is a civilizing chemical, reproduces itself, a red radical protector, can be transformed in the blood, concentrates nerve and brain information, neutralizes, oxidizes (breakdown) converts substances, reduce (builds) another substance and is unchanged by radiation and high temperatures. Melanin is inside and outside of the body. Melanin is the vital chemical that kales life itself. It is usually brown to Black in color. Melanin absorbs all types of energy such as sunlight. Melanin uses the energy in the total environment such as water energy, earth, moon, sun, galaxy, cycles of planets and minerals. The dominant substance is capable of reducing its pigment to make shades lighter than itself, without decreasing the power of its core characteristics. Millions around the round identify as different races without the knowledge of knowing, WE ARE ONE. The titles given does not remove biochemical substances within.

Uniting the Royal Shades

Reference: Melanin "What makes Black People Black! by : Llaila Afrika